Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just dessert

No, this isn't a revenge post. Or maybe it is. My revenge against my bad baking luck. Take THAT!

I have to share my two baking successes. First, I made some delicious cookies for the McHusband to take to the beach with him. Am I a wonderful McWife or what? Sure, they were those refrigerated break-and-bake cookies, but that doesn't mean I didn't make them with love.

Not with a ton of effort, I'll admit, but I did put some love into them.

Once I was done slaving away over those cookies, I made this pie.

It's called Tar Heel Pie. I'm thinking that whoever submitted this pie to Allrecipes either isn't a good speller or isn't from 'round these parts because everyone knows tarheel is one word. Right?

My mom and I sampled the pie tonight and it was VERY good. I used a premade graham cracker crust instead of the pie crust and I thought it turned out really well. Mom?

The pie was very rich. Good thing we had vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip to tone it down.

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G'ma said...

Pioneer Woman would be most proud! Tar Heel or Tarheel -- the fourth piece was as yummy as the first! (Yup, it's gone - as are the spice drops. I'm fairly confident that I've gotten the sugar urges out of my system!)