Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slave Labor Part I

My mom visited this past weekend while the McHusband was at the beach. She got here Thursday evening so she was at the house on Friday while I was at work.

I think she worked harder here at home than I did at the office.

When I walked in the door, this is what I saw.

She had gotten some flowers from the yard and "shopped" in my hutch and powder room for accessories.

Our shrimp cocktail wasn't just shrimp in a bowl with some cocktail sauce to dip it in. Nosiree. We got the shrimp at Harris Teeter the night before and my mom told the guy, "I don't want 14 and I don't want 16; I need 15 shrimp." She also requested that they "be pretty shrimp."

That poor guy, I hope it was near the end of his shift.

Here's our shrimp cocktail, in martini glasses no less.


Wait, who's the third person?

Chelle joined us for dinner.

My mom was using us as guinea pigs for a pasta salad recipe she'd heard was good, and we were happy to oblige.

She also made Pioneer Womans's Spinach Salad. Yum!

How is it, girls?

Since my mom worked so hard all day, we had to MAKE our own ice cream for dessert. It was amazingly simple and very tasty.

Here's what we needed to make it.

You put the ingredients (half and half, vanilla, and sugar) into a small Ziploc bag. You then put that bag inside a bigger Ziploc bag half-filled with ice.

Then you seal the big bag up and shake shake shake for five minutes. When your arms get tired, put the bag down on the bar and move it around.

We ate the ice cream straight out of the bag. My mom had even crushed up some Oreos so we added those and had cookies'n cream ice cream.
Thanks, Mom, for cooking such wonderful food on Friday - it was delicous! Any time you feel the urge to cook for someone, you are more than welcome to visit us.
Chelle, thanks for bringing your camera (the McHusband took mine, er, ours to the beach) and deleting some of your out-of-focus memories so there was room on the camera for me to take pictures.
(Sorry for the formatting issues at the ends of a couple of posts. Blogger is being stubborn and not putting line breaks where I want them. ARGH!)


G'ma said...

FYI, I used my most enchanting smile when I requested those 15 shrimp - must have worked -- we got the 15 and all were "pretty", not to mention tasty!

Looking forward to our next Mustang Bachelorette/Pioneer Woman weekend!

McMom said...

I need the ice cream "recipe".... specific amounts. I always have those things on hand and it would be GREAT when on the road! Love, The McMom