Friday, February 15, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Brown Butter Double Chocolate Cookies

One last treat for this Valentine week.  I made these at the same time as the White Chocolate Macadamia Toffee Cookies, which even the chocolate lovers preferred.  I think it’s just because the chocolate cookies were very chocolate but not overly sweet.


I loved how puffy the cookies were.  They had good texture: crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


And then there’s the sprinkling of kosher salt on top.  Some people, like Heather, don’t love the sweet and salty combo, but I think it’s pretty much perfection in edible form.


This dough was fairly dry so I ended up mixing in probably half a cup of Kahlua to add moisture to the dough.  You couldn’t taste it, but I think it was a much smarter decision than adding water or milk.


Are these my ideal chocolate cookies?  Nah.  But I’m not sorry I made and ate them.


I hope you all spent Valentine’s Day with at least one person that you love.  If you check out my Instagram pics over there ----------->, you’ll see the beautiful mini rose bush and chocolates the McHusband sent to me, and the “martinis” I made us to go with the steak dinner the McHusband was grilling when I got home from the Y. I used raspberries instead of strawberries; the drink was pretty good but I would like to try it with strawberries.  Like I told some friends – with so much fruit in it, this drink was practically a smoothie!

I love you, McHusband!  Thank you for all your thoughtfulness yesterday.


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