Monday, February 25, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Frosted German Chocolate-Caramel Brownie Bars

Happy Monday!  We had a Sunday full of sun and 60-degree temps, a very nice change of pace from what Mother Nature has been gracing us with lately.  Unfortunately it looks like we’re due for more clouds and rain today and tomorrow.


But enough about something I have no control over.  Let’s talk about the McMom’s second birthday treat.


The McMom suggested a treat that had a pretzel crust so I kept that in mind.  She prefers German chocolate, which is milder than semi-sweet, and that’s how I decided on Caramel Chocolate Brownies, which used a German chocolate cake mix to make the brownies.


And I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Four layers just wasn’t enough; these bars needed the best brownie frosting on top.


Personally, I was very happy with how these bars came together.  The crust was a complementary change of texture and taste from the chocolate and caramel, and it was thick enough to have an impact under all the layers.  I think I used only 6 ounces or so of pecans and made up the remainder in graham cracker crumbs.


If you need something a little nicer than just regular old brownies, consider this treat.  It really didn’t require much more work, but it turns out pretty impressive both in looks and flavor.


I mean, really, how can you resist all those layers?


Before I wrap up, here’s a quick peek behind the scenes at my assistant.


{Crust recipe adapted from here}

{Brownie recipe}


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