Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winner winner chicken dinner

I entered a giveaway on Jen’s blog and I won!  I couldn’t believe it because like most people, I figured what’re the chances?  But I was one of two winners so apparently my chances were pretty good.

The giveaway was for two cans of Blue Diamond Almonds.  The McHusband and I already eat these; some of our favorites, in addition to the plain salted, are the Butter Toffee, Honey Dijon, and Habanero BBQ. 

One flavor offered via the giveaway was Rosemary & Black Pepper, which is sold only at Target. 

The second flavor was Toasted Coconut and I’ve seen it in the grocery stores.

I’d had the coconut before and it’s not my favorite, but I like it okay.  I think I’ll bake with them.

The McHusband isn’t a fan of the Rosemary & Black Pepper nuts, but I really like them and am so glad I won a can so now I know they’re worth buying.

I wanted to show you guys that I’m not kidding when I say we’re big fans of Blue Diamond Almonds.  In addition to our pantry stock, both the McHusband and I have stashes at work for snacktime emergencies.  Like every day at 3:30.


Almonds are very good for you; the internet says so.  My only complaint is that I wish the serving size were bigger.  While a serving of 24 to 28 nuts does generally satisfy my hunger, it doesn’t quite satisfy my need to munch.

Harris Teeter occasionally runs BOGO deals on the cans, but remember that the Rosemary & Black Pepper flavor is only sold at Target.

Thank you, Jen and Blue Diamond, for the nuts!

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Sara said...

It was in the news last week that almonds actually have 30% fewer calories than originally thought. So eat more! :-)