Monday, February 18, 2013

The McMom’s fake birthday

The McHusband and I braved the snow on Saturday in order to celebrate the McMom’s birthday a little early.  It’s actually on the 24th but there was an art show this weekend that she wanted to go to.



We went to Fearrington Village and had lunch at The Granary.  I ordered the Chickpea Falafel Burger, which was quite tasty and very filling.  I ate it low-carb style with a fork; even if I wasn’t worried about slashing a few calories, I’m not sure I could’ve eaten it as a burger because it simply would’ve been too much.


After lunch, we wandered through a folk art show that was in The Barn.  All in all, it wasn’t too impressive, but I did like this creepy rocking horse.


Another interesting “installment” was the bottle tree.



Guess what?  I’m not working today!  Gotta love President’s Day.  For those of you who are working, though, I’m sorry I didn’t give you your spoonful of sugar today.  But I’ll be back tomorrow with at least one of the birthday treats I made for the McMom.

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