Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Browned Butter White Chocolate Chip-Toffee-Macadamia Nut Cookies

With Valentine’s Day later this week, I figured I could post a treat each day and it wouldn’t be overkill.  Nope, it’ll be a theme.

I knew when I saw this recipe that the McHusband would love them if only I switched out the dark chocolate chips for white ones. 


Guess what?  I was right. 


And he wasn’t the only one.  I shared them with Chelle, Jeremy, Heather, Bruce, Shawn, Vanessa, Jovyn, and Scott and they all agreed that these cookies were delicious.


When my first batch was in the oven, I went outside to take some pictures and forgot that the timer was on 3 minutes when I walked away.  So of course the beeper was going off when I got back inside, and I have no idea how long that had been happening.

One guess which row of cookies was that first batch.


Luckily they weren’t burned, just a little toasted.


And guess what?  Chelle likes things like cookies and popcorn slightly overdone so she was happy to see the darker cookies.


I will hold onto this recipe for the McHusband as they were full of his favorite mix-ins and, oh yeah, they were delicious.

{Recipe here}

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McHusband said...

They were quite tasty! :)