Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gender Reveal: It’s a…

I decided to fill a pinata with a color indicating boy or girl as the way to let people in on our little secret.  I went with bead necklaces, candy, and balloons.  I asked people to stand on one side of the garage or the other depending on whether they thought it was a boy or a girl.


Here’s Team Girl:


And Team Boy:


Toren wasn’t shy about stepping up to do the honors when it came to whacking the pinata with a baseball bat.


I think I see a certain color peeking out, and so does the McMom.  Looks like she’s on the right side of the garage.


It’s a BOY!




I used the balloons in the pinata mainly because they were a cheap way to have a lot of blue things in there.  Turns out, they were a hit.  Right, Rebecca and Maxie?



So there you go, our McBaby is going to be a boy.  I can’t wait to meet him.


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The Vegetarian's Wife said...

Hi Stephanie! It was so great to see you today. It just occurred to me that I didn't ask any of the customary baby questions. You look great and I'm so glad that you are feeling great! I highly suggest reading the book "Dad is Fat" once the dust settles. You will laugh your butt off as a comedian reflects on how these little creatures rock our world. Glad to be following your blog again!!