Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gender Reveal: Party Peeps

Before the party started, we took a few minutes to snap a few photos.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get my mom or the McInlaws in any.

photo 1

Us and kids

photo 2

The McHusband caught the kids being cute on the patio.


Later on, after the the big reveal, Henry channeled his inner car guy and checked out the Jeep’s exhaust.


Lyla started kindergarten this year, and she was awarded Star of the Week last week.  That meant she got to take Marco the Monkey home with her, and she’s supposed to take pictures to document her time with him.  Lucky for Marco Lyla had an exciting weekend planned for him.


Mom and Maxie.


Kids on the couch.


One more party post, which should go up tomorrow.  I’m excited to relive the photos because there were presents!

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McHusband said...

I think Olivia and I definitely get the award for best smiles in that second picture. :)