Monday, October 7, 2013

Gender Reveal Party: The Food

We were very excited to host a gender reveal party this past Saturday.  Since the McBaby should make its debut just a few weeks before our normal St. Patrick’s Day party, I decided I wanted one of these trendy soirees in the event I’m too sleep-deprived and hopped up on post-pregnancy hormones to host the usual party.

My mom and sisters and their kids AND the McHusband’s parents all made it to the party.  We also invited our friends and neighbors.  Because kids were invited, the party started a little earlier than usual (6:00 vs. 7:30), and I knew I needed to have something real for people to eat.  Sounded like a perfect excuse for me to eat one of my favorite foods: pizza!  I got a variety of pizzas, including a Monster cheese cut into squares, which I figured would work well for the kids.  None of us had ever seen a pizza so big.  For point of reference, that’s a pizza box for a large pizza next to the Monster.


I made a few dips for people to munch on, too.  One was a new one that I had to make in a nod to traditional pregnancy cravings: Dill Pickle Dip.  It was a hit, especially later when we were cleaning up.  I didn’t have to worry about finding space for its leftovers in the fridge.


You know I can’t have a party without an assortment of sweets.


From left to right: color-coordinated candy, a vanilla cake, chocolate cupcakes with purple and blue vanilla buttercream, and the NY Times Chocolate Chip Cookie


I also put some Browned Butter Rice Krispie Treats on the kids’ table in the kitchen.  I did see a few kids grabbing them off the plate, but I saw even more BIG kids munching on them.

The last sweet thing I don’t have a picture of is the banana pudding. I was going to make some bars, but I had a number of overly ripe bananas so Paula Deen’s banana pudding seemed the better choice.  I’ve made that pudding twice now and let me tell you, it is one fabulous treat.

Here’s a warning/teaser for you: I’ll be back a few more times this week with more party details and people pics.  Most importantly, tomorrow will be the “It’s a…” post so make sure you come back to find out.


Gma said...

So much fun! Lots of good food, good people and of course, the highlight of the night --- the BIG REVEAL!

Natalie said...

your sweets table looks awesome! can't wait to hear what the big reveal revealed ;)