Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The McHusband and I went to our neighbors’ Halloween party this past Saturday.  I’d figured out what I wanted to be a few weeks back, but the McHusband was undecided until a few days before.  Turns out, his procrastination was for the best because his costume was a hit.

I decided to be a shower loofah.  The costume involved elastic and that was good enough for me.  This isn’t the best photo, but I feel like it looks most like a loofah so I’m including it.


I’ll also include a phone pic of the McHusband in his costume.


And later, just before the party, we took some pictures together.



The McHusband wore some sunglasses-style clear goggles under his mask to keep the fabric off his eyes.  Can you tell?


I borrowed a curling iron from Chelle and tried to get some loose waves.  My hair has always been bad at holding curl and this night was no exception.  But it was fun to do something different.


If you’re interested in making your own loofah costume, this is the tutorial I roughly followed.  Some advice: if you aren’t a size 0 or you’re pregnant, get two yards of elastic.

Our fellow partygoers voted the McHusband and me Best Male and Best Female of the night.  Glad my hard work and the McHusband’s cold hard cash earned us those honors.


I guess next Halloween I’ll have to figure out TWO costumes, huh?

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