Friday, October 18, 2013


The McHusband and I bought a townhouse with the intention of renting it out to pay the mortgage with enough left over to make it worth our while. 


Guess what?  Our plan worked!  We have a renter, and she and her son move in this weekend.


Let me tell you really quick about a potential renter we did NOT want in our townhouse.  When this lady showed up, she was yelling at her kids in the car as we answered the door.  No “Excuse me,” no “I’m so sorry, just a minute while I talk to my kids.”  She just yelled at them then was like, “Hey, I’m here to see the place.”

So we welcomed her in to give her the tour and answer her questions.  Which she asked around a mouthful of cheese curls.  That’s right, she came bearing orange dust-covered snacks and proceeded to eat them the whole time, even dropping one on our new and freshly vacuumed den carpet.  I’ll give her credit for picking it up but still…

Anyway, let’s hope the lady we chose proves that we made a good decision.

I will tell you more about the townhouse next week and give you a full tour.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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