Friday, October 11, 2013

Gender Reveal: Presents for the parents-to-be!

My mom and the McMom, a.k.a. The Gram Squad, were up to something before they made the trip to our house for the party.



The kids were very interested to find out what was inside all the pretty packages.


The first box had a blanket/play mat that my mom made.


Let me reiterate: my mom MADE the blanket.


She also made a sack that holds some fabric “balls” that she made as well. 



Next up, a gift from the McMom.


She knitted the baby a hat and a…cocoon? sack? rasta-man hat?


Shannon had a bag embroidered with “McBaby,” and she filled it with essentials like diapers, baby wash, spoons, and wipes.  I’m thinking the bag might be perfect for holding what we need downstairs for diaper changes.


And I can’t leave Bri out even though I don’t have picture proof of her gift.  When she first arrived, she came in carrying a big box of diapers.  People seem to think we’re going to go through a few of those.

The McMom also left some goodies made by Kohl’s and Hobby Lobby (okay, they were probably made by some factory in China) for us to find later.  There were several adorable outfits as well as a few decorative items for the McBaby’s room.

Thank you, everyone, for your generosity.  The McBaby is already spoiled and he’s not even here yet.  I really appreciate everyone’s help getting ready for the party and especially for their assistance cleaning up that night and the next morning.


TGIF!  Guess what the McHusband and I are doing this afternoon?  We’re visiting four daycares and hopefully one of them works for us.  Wish us luck!

PS  Happy Birthday a day early to Owen, who turns 5 tomorrow.

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