Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Haunted houses

Just after Halloween 2011, I bought a few seasonal items that were on special-deal-today-only-get-em-the-hell-outta-here, as my dad says.  Since we were gone on our trip out west at the end of October last year and spent Halloween in Vegas, I didn’t do any seasonal decorating.

So this weekend, two years later, I pulled out my haunted houses that I paid foreclosure prices for.



The houses have little circular holders inside for candles so they can be even more seasonally appropriate with flickering light coming out the windows.


Nothing says “Home Sweet Home” like a tombstone with RIP written on it next to the front door.


At least the little house – the guest house? – is slightly more friendly with the jack o’lantern out front.


I decorated the buffet in the dining room (sneak peek in the Instagram pictures) and put some stuff on the dining room table, too.  Come back tomorrow to see more.

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