Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another project checked off the list

Our laundry room had one long wire shelf expanding the length of the room. On one hand, it was convenient because the wonderful builder, along with not installing a light in the walk-in pantry, didn't put a coat closet in our house. So we hung our coats on hangers in the laundry room. In general, though, the shelf wasn't the prettiest storage solution. Dog towels and rags were piled up there, the laundry detergent and softener and carpet cleaner were stored there, and the small Xmas wreath from our mailbox somehow found a home up there after the holidays.

If the cabinets had already been up, the wreath could've hidden happily until Xmas 2009.

The McHusband had some help putting the cabinets together the night before last.

Tucker did the final inspection and gave us the go-ahead for installation.

So here's what the laundry room looked looked like before:

Towels? Check.
Detergent? Check.
Coats hanging up? Check.
Christmas wreath? (It's on the beside of the paper towels.) Check.

Now the much-improved laundry room with the cabinets:

And no, I didn't put the wreath in a cabinet.

We're not done with the laundry room yet. The McHusband's going to install a piece of the old countertop in there from the dryer to the wall by the door (to the garage) so we'll have a surface for folding clothes, plus that's where I can drop my purse and work bag every day instead of setting everything on or by the kitchen table. And I'll probably have to paint because I seem to have a complex where I can't just leave well enough alone in this house.

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G'ma said...

I'm telling you -- not only did the McWife snag a stud muffin, but a handy one at that!

I've a few things that need attending to, when can I get on your list?

Great job!