Friday, February 27, 2009

A toast!

The McHusband and I toasted my work yesterday. I had a mini-bottle of champagne from Christmas so I made mimosas because I don't like plain champagne and I didn't figure I could do my usual and add diet Sprite to it - that's a lot of bubbles. I also don't really care for orange juice, but OJ and champagne = good.

Anyway, my office is doing pretty well so far this year so we got what I suppose is a delayed end-of-year bonus. Yay!

An interesting thing to note: That picture is of our mimosas is in honor of my "windfall." What's in the background? A Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, a Lucky 32 coupon, and an Ann Taylor Loft coupon. You know, it was more of a breeze-fall so I gotta make sure I keep saving when I can.

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