Friday, February 27, 2009

Our neighbors are putting in a decent-sized garden. I don't know how much dirt they had dropped off in their driveway, but it was a lot. They transported it all to the backyard in the bed of their Sport Track, which got stuck back there twice (that we know of - they may've been too embarrassed to admit to it happening more than that). Once all the dirt was moved to its final resting place, they needed to clean off the driveway.

Guess where all the dirt and water - a.k.a. mud - that they washed off their driveway ended up?

At the end of ours.

The McHusband, knowing that it was going to rain this weekend, wanted to get the mud washed away so that we weren't tracking it down our driveway and into the garage all weekend. Once he got that cleaned up, he moved to the backyard.

The side of the house has mildew on it and has since before we moved in. We tried to get the previous owners to powerwash the house, but they didn't agree to those terms so guess what? We get to powerwash it. And by "we," of course I mean the McHusband.

"Careful, McHusband!"

You can't tell, but the McHusband's wearing his fancy sound-deadening headphones so that instead of mower or powerwasher noise contributing to hearing loss, loud music can do the trick. Anyway, there was a bowl down by the bottom of the ladder and it had some water in it. The McHusband kicked it or stepped in it and pretty much soaked his foot. He said - well, he thought he SAID; he pretty much shouted - "Aw, s#^t!"

I later told him, "No cursing while wearing those things." I don't think the neighbors with their 3-year-old and 1-year-old would appreciate the kids learning new words from the McHusband.

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