Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad luck

I don't really worry about Friday the 13th. Any Friday's a good one, right?

When I got home from work this past Friday, I headed upstairs like I usually do to feed the cats and get the dogs. When I opened the door to the bonus room, this is what I saw.

See that gray towel? Morgan's dog bed is usually right about there up against the couch. It was way over to the side:

Upon closer inspection, I realized that those little pieces of something all over the floor used to be the hand-held steam vac attachment that had been on the weight bench. Neither dog had ever paid it any attention before. (Disclaimer: By "neither," I really mean Tucker.)

The plastic part of the attachment was clear and the brush part was green.

I think I know why Morgan's bed was so far out of place. Tucker had not only torn up that old plaid comforter after dragging it off the couch, he had also peed on it and Morgan didn't want to be anywhere near his mess.

Apparently, the McHusband didn't get the crate latched properly when he put the dogs away in the morning. There's no telling how long Tucker was a free man, but it was long enough. Thankfully, he didn't destroy anything important like the desk, the couch, or one of the McHusband's cars.

So, what do you think? Was it a coincidence that this happened on Friday the 13th, or should I start being more superstitious?

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