Sunday, February 8, 2009

Decoration or just more stuff to dust?

Seems like people are either for decorating on top of kitchen cabinets or against without much middle ground. Kinda like how people feel about white chocolate - you either like it or you don't. (I don't - milk and dark chocolate only please if you're thinking of sending some to me for Valentine's Day.)

I'm pro-DOTC (that's Decorating On Top of the Cabinets). I'm anti-DSOTC (that's Dusting Stuff On Top of the Cabinets). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against DSOTC or people who actually do it, I just have better things to do plus no one ever sees up there. And as long as the dust settles evenly over all the items up there, you really can't tell how dirty it actually is.

Like when a white car is grayish all over because it's dirty. You really don't know how dirty it is until you wash half of it and then you resolve to never let your car get that dirty again. Yeah, right.

I went shopping in an unpacked box in my closet and in a couple other places in the house, and I came up with some odds and ends for my DOTC project today. What do you think - should I return anything for store credit?

A closer view of what's on the right:

And what's on the left:

So, which one are you: pro-DOTC or anti-DOTC?

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G'ma said...

I like which makes me DOTC I guess -- my question is who's the lucky candidate for watering the plant?