Thursday, February 5, 2009

The hole

Other than a few accessories and some better throw pillows, I think the den is pretty much done. Against what he considers his better judgement, the McHusband installed the other two curtain rods so I could get the rest of the panels up. The McMom did a great job of finding some stuff to fill my hole - the clock and easel, the basket/vase thing, the ceramic vase.

The lamps might look familiar to some of you. They were on half the tables at our wedding. I think it's neat that I get to use them in the house.

See what I mean about getting better pillows?

One last picture just to make sure my den's really burned into your retinas.

Feel free to come check things out some time. But you might want to call first otherwise I might still be in my pj's at noon on Saturday.

Who am I kidding? Make that 1:00 on Saturday AND Sunday.

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