Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This one's for the McDad

The McInlaws were up on Sunday and the McDad hadn't seen the house since the day we closed. We toured the house but spent the majority of the time in the kitchen and den. The McDad was very quick to point out that my blue rug from the other house, which worked great in my blue kitchen, clashed with what we have going on in the new house.

This wasn't news to me, I just hadn't found a new rug yet.

I didn't have to work yesterday (gotta love President's Day) so I headed to the mall. I'd found a rug, the Murphy rug in brown, on Crate & Barrel's web site that I wanted to check out in person. I thought it would work so I brought it home.

Before with the blue rug:

And now with my new Murphy rug:

I don't think he should quit his day job(s) and I don't think Nate Berkus should be worried about job security, but I appreciate the McDad's input. It was just what I needed to get motivated to find a new rug. Thanks, McDad!

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