Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some assembly required

I ordered a table for our foyer (such that it is) from Walmart and it came in yesterday. After a few chores around the house and some sustenance from Jersey Mike's, I decided to put the table together. Of course, I had some help...

"Here, it says you need to use glue."

"Thanks, Tucker, that did the trick. Thank goodness I have you reading the directions for me. What's next?"

Tori supervised, but she had other projects to check on so she couldn't stay long.

Tori came back to check on my progress. "How's it going over here? You got that screw in yet?"

And, just like the magic of HGTV where one minute they're painting a room and the next it's dry and they're hanging pictures, here's the table all assembled with no leftover parts.

Now for the hard part: decorating the table.

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Rebecca said...

aw Tucker is so cute! I love English Mastiffs! They are so gentle and I don't know if this goes for all of them but mine loves to think she's a lap dog! She is so cuddly....even though I can hardly breath! Our other choice was to get a great dane when looking for large breeds! Its cool that you have both! Wish our house/property was bigger and I'd get one:)