Friday, February 20, 2009

A small big dog

We took Morgan and Tucker over to Leigh and Mickey's last night. They're staying with them while we're in Charlotte this weekend. It's getting harder and harder to get around with both of them and both of us in one car. Typically, I ride in the backseat with Morgan, and Tucker rides up front. That's how we did it last night in the truck. However, if we could count on Morgan to curl up like she did and stay that way for the whole ride, we could fit several Tuckers in the backseat.

She fit on just one seat - see how she's not overlapping onto the rest of the bench? Even her tail stayed on one side of the line.

Now let's all say a prayer for Leigh and Mickey and their sanity. And their livers. They might need to drink a LOT this weekend.

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