Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Michigan: Dansville and Downtown Detroit

On Wednesday, our fourth full day in MI, the McHusband and I headed about an hour west to Dansville where my grandparents, a.k.a. Papa and Grandma Grace, live.

We visited on the back porch where we were joined by Miss Kitty.



The McHusband and I took a quick trip around the pond and through the woods on the golf cart.

This is looking back up at the house.


Guess what?  These self-portraits aren’t so easy when you’re bumping over tree roots with your faster-is-better driver of a husband next to you.


Ah, that’s better.


The four of us went to dinner to dinner before the McHusband and I headed back to Kevin and Jenny’s.


I’m so glad we were close enough to spend an afternoon with Papa and Grandma Grace.  We had such a nice afternoon visiting, snacking on Grandma Grace’s rhubarb pie, looking through Papa’s original artwork, and facilitating a peace treaty between Grandma Grace’s computer and digital camera.


Thursday was our last full day in MI and the McHusband wanted to go into Detroit.  We loaded the kids into the van, ran some errands, then hit the mean streets of the Motor City.

Our tour started with us going vertical as our first stop was the top of our parking deck so we could take in the city from above.


Next up was this big courtyard where Jenny said they have festivals and, you know, stuff like that.


And look – it’s Canada!


You know kids, they’ll make a playground out of anything.  I have a feeling we could’ve been here for a good hour or so.




But the adults’ tummies had other ideas.  We got the rest of our tour of downtown as we walked to a restaurant for lunch.  All that strollin’ took a toll on Leah on the way home.  Sure, one afternoon in downtown Detroit and she’s out like a light but all day at Greenfield Village and she didn’t so much as do a head-bob on the way home.


So there you have it, that was our trip to Michigan in three or four nutshells.  We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone, and we really appreciate Kevin and Jenny’s generosity while we were there.  How’s this for hospitality: Kevin and Jenny gave up their room, bed and all, so we would be more comfortable while we were there. 

Yeah, they’re pretty awesome. Smile

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