Thursday, June 21, 2012

Michigan Trip: Part III/Day 3

I need to get back to recapping this trip before I forget what we did and where we went.

Our third day is easy to remember though.  We spent most of the day at Greenfield Village, which is part of the larger The Henry Ford history attraction.

The McHusband and Leah led the way.  Everyone say, “Awwww.”


Our first order of business was riding the train around to the other side of the park.


The McHusband made sure he took pictures of the important sights along the train’s route.


After our train ride, we wandered through the Roundhouse where the train is actually worked on even today.



We walked under a train and saw a guy seemingly doing some mechanical work.  We’re pretty sure it wasn’t just for show anyway.



We went from trains to Model T’s and took a ride through the park in the old car before having a picnic lunch and taking a ride on the carousel.




All that riding worked up our appetites for dessert so it was custard time!  Chase decided he wanted cotton candy instead so he and I went over to a bench while the others handled the custard.


From the Village we headed over to the museum.


There was lots of neat stuff to see in there, including this carseat exhibit.


And the kids loved working on the car that was in the shop.



I didn’t say WHICH kids…


From the train to the Model T to the play car and back to the (model) train.  We were looking at this huge display that had no fewer than 4 model trains running on it and the guy manning the area offered to take our picture but he said it had to candid – no posing for the camera.  We agreed.  Well, most of us did.


You know me, I never met a rule I didn’t like. Hah!

A little more playtime for the kids and then it was time to go.


Yes, again, ALL the kids were playing…


As we headed home, the McHusband made sure we didn’t miss a couple last photo ops.

The old building…


And the spiffy new one.


We were driving home during Leah’s normal naptime, but that didn’t slow her down one bit.  Chase, on the other hand, was more than ready for some of his usual quiet time.


That catnap was all Chase needed and we were good to go for some sandbox and truck time when we got home.



And you know, it had been almost four whole days since I got my bake on so after some not-so-subtle hinting from everyone, I whipped up a half-batch of those Snickerdoodle Blondies.


Everyone but me had theirs still warm from the oven with some ice cream.  I’m kinda weird and don’t really like the whole cake-and-ice-cream combo (although I love an ice cream cake) so I had a big bowl of just ice cream.

Look, McHusband, isn’t it nice to see the evidence in someone else’s sink?


Whew, looking back, we crammed a lot into our third day in Michigan.  Thankfully the next day was a little more lowkey.

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