Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Recipe Recap: Blueberry Muffin Bread French Toast

It’s been a while since I shared any food with you guys.  Not because I haven’t been cooking and baking, because I have.  I just haven’t posted about it.

I had high hopes for this Blueberry Muffin Bread.  Blueberry muffins without the extra effort to portion the batter out among the wells?  Sign me up!


When it comes to quick breads, my success rate is 50-50.  This one, unfortunately, didn’t tip the scales in my favor.  I normally have a problem with my breads being underbaked but this one was the complete opposite.  It was dry and crumbly for the most part, but with a little core of underbaked bread through the middle just to keep me on my toes.


I hated to think that this whole loaf of bread was going to end up getting thrown away so I decided I’d try to salvage it by turning it into French toast.

I found this recipe for a not-bad-for-us egg coating.  Since I’d never made French toast before, I perused a bunch of recipes on Allrecipes to get a feel for how to make this breakfast staple.  I decided to use this wafflemaker method.


I sliced my bread and coated both sides in my Egg Beater-milk-spice mixture.


Into the wafflemaker for a few minutes and voila!


I measured out a quarter-cup of sugar-free syrup and used every.last.drop on my French toast.



Nope, I didn’t like this at all.


If you have a waffle iron – or three like me – try making Waffled French Toast, especially if you’re like me and prefer your French toast to have some crispiness on the outside.


I’m really glad that this worked out for my dinner.  I was up just before 5:00 Tuesday morning so I could get in a 30-minute (actually 32:30 but who’s counting) run as part of my marathon training, which meant I didn’t have to go to the Y after work and could actually go home like a normal person.  I really don’t enjoy getting up early, but it sure is nice to have an entire evening at home.

I may have to accidentally overbake my next loaf of banana bread and see how that tastes as French toast…


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