Monday, June 11, 2012

Michigan: Part I

Bear with me this week when just like Pit Bull says, we have to go back in time to a couple weeks ago when the McHusband and I were in Michigan.

We arrived in the afternoon the Saturday before Memorial Day.  Kevin and Chase picked us up from the airport since we flew into Detroit in the middle of Leah’s naptime.  We didn’t do much besides visit at their place that afternoon and evening.

The next day, Chase and the McHusband spent some time on the computer.  I forget how they got started, but the two of them ended up looking at nature videos.


IMG_3414As much fun as we were having with the kids, we needed an adults-only evening so Jenny arranged for a sitter and we headed off to Bar Louie for dinner and drinks al fresco.

They had my Woodchuck Amber Cider and offered it to me in two different sizes and the McHusband stepped in and made sure I ordered the big one.



Jenny had some kind of a melon martini while the boys had beers.



From dinner, we walked across the way to Lucky Strike bowling alley.  We inquired about bowling but decided it was just a little too expensive at this trendy place so we played air hockey instead.

First up, McHusband vs. McWife.


The winner?  The McHusband.

Round two: Kevin vs. Jenny.


The winner?  Kevin.  Yes, it appears the boys were the better air hockey players (that night anyway).  Or was it something else, like which side of the table they were playing on?

We were about to find out when they played each other.


The winner?  Kevin, which supports my side-of-the-table theory.  We had to test it one more time with we wives playing each other.


Winner?  Jenny.  So, yeah, it was definitely which side of the table the winners were playing on, that’s really the only explanation.

One last thing.  There was this couple across from where we were playing and the girl had on some shorts like none of us had ever seen before (and hoped we’d never see again).


I have some close-ups, but I’m thinking one picture speaks plenty of words in this situation.

Let’s cleanse those visual palates.


And that pretty much wraps up our first full day in MI.

The end!


(I’m sorry, but you know I can’t resist finishing a post this way if I have the chance.)

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