Friday, June 29, 2012


To paraphrase Aibileen: I is tired.  I is sore.  I is ready for the weekend!

I got up again just before 5:00 Thursday morning to cover about 3.5 miles before work.  I gotta say, I think you morning people are just plain nuts.  There is NOTHING enjoyable about being up before the sun.

Unlike Tuesday, though, I didn’t go straight home after work.  Instead, I went to the Y for my normal Thursday-night muscle conditioning class.  I think I could keep up with that schedule so we’ll see what the next few weeks bring.

I gave into both my inner devil and angel Thursday night.  I baked up some yummy bars and made a big salad for my lunch today.


So besides trying not to melt this weekend, I have dinner with friends tonight, a 10-mile training run tomorrow morning followed by some laying out, then I wrap up the weekend with brunch and a Magic Mike matinee with the girls.

And did I mention there will be champagne cupcakes?

(PS – Is it wrong that I’m actually kinda excited to see if we get the high temps that are being predicted?)

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