Monday, June 25, 2012

“Seens” from Saturday

Saturday found The McHusband and me up bright and early.  He for boot camp and me for a 7.5-mile run through Heather’s neighborhood.  (Oh yeah, have I mentioned that I’m signed up to run a marathon in November?  Time to train!)

The upside of getting the weekend kicked off so early was having lots of time for doing both what I wanted to do and what I needed to do.

I wanted to lay out.  The weather wasn’t looking very promising for most of the morning but by noon the clouds cleared up and the sun shone hot and strong.  Thank goodness for my fan.


The cats (yes, they live in the backyard now) were hanging out with me, but they were more interested in the shade.




The kitties and I kept each other company for a couple of hours then I had to head inside for some of those things I needed to do – mostly sweeping and mopping the kitchen.  Sorry, no pictures of that exciting chore.

Another fun day Monday.  Hope your week’s off to a decent start!


McHusband said...

Where are the pics of the hot babe in the bikini to go along with this sunbathing post?!

Mcmom said...

Don't think you will be seeing any self portraits of that...better snag the camera next time and take it yourself! McMom

McHusband said...

I thought about it. If only I knew how to post on her blog. :) I do like the use of my hands though so I probably best not, lol.