Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bad bad bad bad bad bad dog

The dogs are a little stir crazy because of the yucky weather we've had here today. They were just going crazy here in the bonus room, wrestling like two drunk rednecks in a backyard wrestling match. Then they got quiet and that's when I got nervous.

Guess what I found?

We have NEVER allowed either dog on the furniture or on our bed. EVER.

I don't know if Tucker was contemplating stealing a pillow off the couch or if he was going for the big blue ball. Either way, I'm glad I was here. I would never have believed that he'd gotten up there if I hadn't seen it for myself. Our dogs just don't DO that.

Oh yeah, guess what else? Tucker chewed up some hanging folders yesterday so he was back in his crate today, and he'll probably stay in there through at least the end of the year until he matures a bit more.

Sorry, Tucker-bud, it's back to puppy jail for you.


Gma said...

"Our dogs just don't DO that." I think you mean, Morgie just doesn't do that!

Tucker on the other hand ... Tucker, you are one "gettin in to trouble" toddler boy!

At least you'll be somewhat prepared when you and the McHusband have kids! (What, you think it'll be any different? Shoot, Tucker's doing you a favor and giving you experience!!!!)

McMom said...

Poor Tuck -- he is just on an adolescent roll!! Just needs to mature a bit I think. I guess he is strong willed just like his Daddy! I rest my case on the crating issue.....McMom