Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cake and presents, oh my!

Owen's adorable whale cake:

He was a little timid at first but he soon got the hang of the first-birthday-cake thing.

The best way to get all that blue off? Stick him in the sink for a quick bath!

The best thing to do with the post-cake sugar rush? Open presents, of course!

Watch out, Uncle McHusband. He'll be coming for the Cobra next!

Once the cake was eaten and the gifts opened, it was time for a snooze. Owen found the perfect spot in Sandra's arms.

Lyla, on the other hand, was busy exploring. She thought it was a lot of fun to go back and forth under Owen's highchair.

Once we got everything cleaned up, we went to Shannon's house for a little more visiting before it was time for Bri and me to hit the road. Owen had a few more presents to open:

(Kevin and Jenny, does that look familiar? Chase liked his so much that I thought Owen would, too.)

Lyla was more interested in the helicopter.

More cousin pictures to come and consider this a warning - there's more nudity.

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Gma said...

For sure it was a heck of a busy day for Master Owen. A full play day with Cousin Lyla the day before and not much sleep for either of them - I'm surprised they behaved as well as they did. And the only problem with that cute blue cake (well besides the tummy ache from all the sugar)? Well lets just say that what goes in must come out! Yup, blue poop and um... not sure how to say this but suffice it to say Owen's "cheeks" and other corresponding parts were blue as well.