Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Blue Ridge Parkway

On Saturday, the McHusband and I had planned on going to Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak in North Carolina. Well, you might guess that we weren't exactly up with the roosters that morning so we didn't have enough time to go that far. Instead, we took our time driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at the NC Arboretum and several overlooks, and doing some "hiking" near Mt. Pisgah.

The NC Arboretum was the first of our stops.

We saw the Quilt Garden:

And we spent a fair amount of time with the bonsai (pronounced "bone-sigh" we learned) collection:

They weren't kidding around about not touching the bone-sigh; there were even cameras aimed at the plants.

{Anyone else having a flashback moment involving Zack Morris and a bonsai tree?}

From the Arboretum, we headed further up the Parkway and just pulled over whenever the mood struck.

It wouldn't be a McTrip if a car didn't get in on the action.

We didn't hike up Mt. Pisgah, but we hiked near it. We went through some neat trees or vines or something that formed a sort of natural hallway.

Note to self: No more letting the McHusband take pictures of me from below.

Let's play Where's the McWife. (I know it'll be difficult since I blend in so well with all the thin, straight up-and-down trees, but give the game a try anyway.)

Finally, it was time to head down the Parkway so we could get ready for the wedding, which started at 5:00.

So you know what's coming up next, right?

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