Monday, October 5, 2009

Trick or Treat?

The McHusband and I were in Asheville this weekend for Rick and Sabrina's wedding. We got there Friday afternoon and walked around downtown Asheville before meeting up with the wedding party and other friends for the post-rehearsal dinner hanging out.

We found ourselves in the Mast General Store. It was a really neat place, with everything from vintage-looking signs to locally made pottery to Life is good t-shirts. It also had bins and bins of candy that you paid for by the pound.

We had 1.29 lbs of candy. Hmm, I wonder how many pounds on the hips that translates to?

On our way back to the hotel, we walked by Bistro 1896, the place where the rehearsal dinner was being held and where we met up with everyone later on.

We also passed a neat fountain, and the McHusband took some artsy photos of it.

Rick and Sabrina thoughtfully put together a bag with some Asheville info, a couple bottles of water, some candy, and a bottle of beer for the guests staying in our hotel. I put the beer on ice before we did our tour of Asheville so the McHusband wanted to drink it before we headed out to dinner. The only problem was it wasn't a twist-off cap and, silly us, we left our bottle opener at home.

The McHusband, thirsty engineer that he was, decided to use the metal part where the door latches (I'm sure there's an exact name for that plate, but I don't know it) to pry off the top of the beer.

The result?

The McHusband's method worked a little too well. Look closely, that's not JUST the bottle top on the ground.

Thank goodness for those individually wrapped plastic cups they leave in hotel rooms now.

Yes, that is beer all over the McHusband's shirt. Don't worry, I didn't let him go out looking like that.

He dried it with the hair dryer before we headed out to dinner.

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McMom said...

Think I would be more concerned about the dental bills than the hips from that candy.... or did you buy it for trick or treaters? LOL....