Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Lyla had lots of fun playing with Owen's toys. As you might guess, Lyla's house doesn't haven't too many toys that go "Vroooom!" She also got to run around mostly naked for a bit and she always enjoys that.

Remember the helicopter from my previous post? Calvin got it out of the box and it was a hit. Check out Lyla's lips; she's saying, "Ooooooh."

See how it looks like Owen's about to hit Lyla in the head with the ball? That's not trick photography; he really did hit her in the head with the ball.

After a diaper change, Owen was content to play with some old toys back in his room.

Time to say goodbye! Lyla and Owen had moved passed the ball-to-the-head incident and kissed each other goodbye. It was too cute. Lyla's even got the head-tilt down pat.

{I apologize if this post looks all screwy. I don't know what's going on with Blogger lately, but I'm getting really frustrated. The formatting looks great in my draft, but when I hit "Publish Post," a cyber-poltergeist takes over and messes things up.}

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Gma said...

Wish me luck when I head to Owenland WITH Lyla next week for three days while Shannon goes off to training for her new job (congratulations!) and Sabrina is off sailing the blue seas of Mexico (lucky girl). G'ma and two babies -- ya'll need the address to send the wine to? I think I'll need it by day's end!