Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Owen! {Part I}

Today is Owen's birthday. I went to Statesville on Saturday for his party, which had an ocean theme. There were whales, sailboats, and fishnets {The fish-catching kind, not the stripper kind; it'll be a few years before he has a party like that and I doubt I'll be invited}.

I didn't get the best angle on these "pots" because you can't see their whale tails. Just take my word for it - they were the cutest pot-whales you've ever seen.

Ah, there's the birthday boy!

And there's Aunt Bri and cousin Lyla. I'm not sure why Lyla's making that face.

Looky there, it's Aunt Steph and Owen.

Lyla's a little shy so I had to convince her I was okay to be around. My method? Bribe her with barbecue chips. Worked like a charm!

My mom and Shannon did a great job of crafting Owen's underwater "One"derland birthday.

Up next: cake and presents!

{I apologize for the formatting issues; I'll hopefully get the kinks out later.}

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Gma said...

Since it appears that Owen is going to take after his mom and be a waterbug, it seemed only fitting that we O"fish"ally invited everyone to an Ocean "One"derland party.

Congratulations to Mom and Dad for making it through the first 12 months!